Research Interests

1. Interested in the history of sculpture and its various critiques within modernism
2. Issues within sound and moving image (short experimental film) & new ways of exploring these
3. Expanded sculpture - Installation art
4. Interest in early 20th century Avant Garde theorisations of appropriation, collage & assemblage

My Field of research is in contemporary art practice, specifically sculptural installation, which deploys
objects, sound and moving image to find new ways to explore and engage with the past. When we
think of who we are, where we are now and where we come from, are crucial in understanding our
identity. I am especially interested in the role of sound and the voice in these explorations. This
brings into focus the three key ways we process the past: History; memory and the archive,
topics my research often address. I am concerned with the 'truth' value of how we represent and
record the past and how during that process certain people, events and ideologies get represented
and others repressed. The artworks often play with fact and fiction which enables the spectator
to be in a position where they are aware of their own selection process as they are engaging with
the art work. To me this is exciting because it puts that thinking process into real time. I believe
an artistic approach to research gives people a sense of permission to look at things in a curious
and open-ended manner - hopefully with as few preconceptions as possible.