Colour, super 8mm film collage transferred to DVD, 11mins, sound

Hinterland employs a range of imagery and voice overs to reengage with real and imagined topologies while drawing on interior and exterior sites of memory. What these encounters have in common is an exploration of a peripheral hinterland while also drawing attention to notions of cultural and gendered 'otherness'. A lyrical, documentary work, Hinterland comprises a collage of 8mm film footage, still photos, inter-titles, field recordings and voice overs all associated with a specific piece of coastland in Southern India and its network of interconnected canals, rivers, lakes and inlets, that spark a series of associations that draws on historical and contemporary Kerala.

The film attempts to explore historical, personal, poetic and psychological relationships to place, using a range of archival records such as: an anonymous 15th century, maritime journal and a contemporary poem read by the controversial Indian, Feminist poet Kamala Das. Central to the work is the artist's own memories of a river-boat trip taken on the 'Backwaters of Kerala' while on an artist's residency in 2005.

Constructed as a collage of image, film, text and voice over the work shifts back and forth between memory, history and place to explore how place and the past are linked; and the role of remembered places in defining ourselves and our culture. Through an evocative soundtrack and references to embodied memory the senses are privileged however, with no one particular perspective advanced, each contributor seems to present a view that offers or subtracts agency, ultimately shifting the viewer's relationship with the site and its inhabitants and, where time zones are fluid, fragmented and non linear.

Hinterland from Margaret fitzgibbon on Vimeo.