Wide River
Super 8 mm film and dvd/ sound / colour /2008/ 3.57 mins

This short experimental video is one of two films that make up a large scale sculptural installation,
titled, 'Changing Room'. The central feature of the installation is a wooden ramp covered with
'cheap', flooring boards and culminates in a vertical full length dressing mirror. On either side
are stacks of white vinyl dresser drawers in which the portable TV features the looped short film
'Blue Girl'. Other elements consist of a large vertical construction of vinyl domestic cloths dryers,
off to one side of the space, 'Wide River', a film shot on super 8mm with sound is projected onto
a section of wallpaper loosely wrapped around a free standing plastic clothes drying unit.

The work was developed during the height of the 'Celtic Tiger' years in Ireland which saw large
influx of immigrants - especially from Eastern European countries into Ireland. The materials
evoke the prevalence of cheap materials that permeated the city shops and skips used in the
creation to fit out so many apartments and flats. The two films present two very different tones
and structure. While Blue Girl is shot on video, with sound and image edited to present a young
woman repeatedly caught in the act of removing her outer garment with great difficulty only to
end on the floor in exhaustion; The second film takes its cue from the laying figure in Blue Girl and
presents a dream-like sequence of a very wide River flowing by with boats turning and buses passing
in the distance - this is the Danube that connects several European cities - soon we see the same
woman briefly pass by and look into the lens of the camera. Both films are looped with sound track.