Singing Letters
Medium: Cast steel metal tripod on wheels, metal film canister reel, polyurethane
portable megaphone,dims: h.207 x w.120 x d.120 cms. Sound duration: 30 mins looped.

In a plain chant style, familiar to Irish church-goers during the 1950s and 1960s, a female
voice sings a selection of eight love letters. Underneath the voice is a low recording of a
heart-beat that also signals the end and beginning of each new letter. The work explores
an 1950s Irish emigrant's experience to England (the artist's father) from the 'ground up'.
The song narrates and interweaves the minute, personal and factual details from 'first arrivals'
to 'settling in' right up to the final days of hoping and waiting for his beloved 'Mary' to come
and join him in his new abode. Transferring text to sound and bringing the work into the
public arena allow these private and personal memories to circulate and engage with a
broader, social consciousness in the present tense and making another dialogue with a new

Installation Sirius Art Centre 2014 Installation Sirius Art Centre 2014 Installation Old School 2013 Warehouse Dublin Docklands 2011 Warehouse Dublin Docklands 2011