Margaret Fitzgibbon received a B.A. in Sculpture/Print from the Crawford Art Gallery Cork and
an M.A in Sculpture and Installation Art from The National College of Art and Design Dublin Ireland
and was awarded a PhD in Practice-based Art from NCAD in 2014 where since 2009 she teaches
part time on the University Certificate of Visual Arts Practice: Drawing and Sculptural Processes.

Margaret Fitzgibbon’s practice spans experimental short film, sculpture, installation, drawing
and mixed media collage on fabric. Fitzgibbon deploys her subjective sensory experiences
and extends these to explore female identity, the role of women, the relations between women
and public and domestic spaces as well as the relations between women while endeavouring to
address larger issues. She has extensive knowledge and deep appreciation of crafts
(ceramics, sewing, tapestry) which she uses to imbue social messages within her oeuvre.
Fitzgibbon is particularly alert to
social injustice, gender roles and cultural identity codes – she researches, documents and
finds poetic ways to play with conventions often using witty figurations.

Fitzgibbon has also won many major sculptural and short film work commissions including:
The Cork City Council (1995 and 1998); The Three Graces University College Cork (1997);
“10 x Foolish and Wise Virgins” U.C.C. (1998); The Southern Health Board: Cork University
Hospital (1999); Derry Women’s Centre, Ireland (2000) Mayo Co Council (2001); The Dursey
Cable Car West Cork – C.C.C./Arts Council (2004) The New Archives Cork City Council (2006).

Fitzgibbon is Artist in Residence in Cathal Brugha Barracks Rathmines since 2016 (funded
through The Dublin City Council). Selected solo exhibitions include; “Echoes of Hanna” (2016)
“Still life” (2017) “Maypole” (2018) Kitty Dear Dear Kitty (2019) – all produced
as site-specific installations in the Military Barracks, Rathmines and launched on
Culture Night.