Invisible Waves is a site-specific sculpture inspired by a two week artist’s residency at Sirius Art Centre Cobh, Co Cork in summer 2014. Inspired by Cobh’s unique history as one of the last calling ports for the infamous Titanic voyage to America in 1916, it offers a particular way of encountering the past from a range of sources: each contribute a particular point of view that neither complements or contradicts each other but instead builds to a conclusion that asks the listener to create her own sense from the sonic assemblage. The history of early technological communication, memory and commemoration are central motifs. Poetic rather than didactic, the piece offers multiple possible interpretations of the same event through several voices, in different registers as opposed to a linear, singular, one-way, directed story.

Installation comprises: 1x wooden table, 2x wooden chairs, found, wooden radio-receiver, 2x sets of vintage headphones, interior light.
Looped soundtrack : duration 20.15 mins.
Size: Box: h.35 x w.30 x d.25cms

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